Figaro einzeln ausgepackt.jpg

Figaro single

dark and light nougat

2.00 €
Creme Nougat einzeln ausgepackt.jpg

Creme Nougat single

Nougat with roasted hazelnut and dark chocolate

2.00 €
Figaro 6.jpg

Figaro 6 pieces

Dark and light nougat

11.50 €
Figaro 9 Stueck offen mit deckel_271x271_W.jpg

Figaro 9 pieces

dark and light nougat

19.00 €
Creme Nougat 4 Stueck_271x271_W.jpg

Creme Nougat 4 pieces

nougat with roasted hazelnuts and dark chocolate

9.50 €
Liebesherz in der Schmuckschatulle_271x271_W.jpg

"Loveheart" in a Jewel Case

Milk chocolate shaped like a heart filled with caramel cream

7.90 €
Himbeer- und Caramelherzen_1000x1000_W.jpg

Raspberry- and Caramelhearts (4 pieces)

milk chocolate hearts filled with caramel cream, dark chocolate hearts filled with raspberry fudge

11.90 €
Caramelherzen im Holzkisterl_1000x1000_W.jpg

Caramel Hearts in a Wooden Box

Milk chocolate hearts with caramel and candied violets

21.90 €
Caramel Demel inside.jpg

Caramel Demel

Milk chocolate filled with caramel cream

20.00 €
Kaffeebohnen zu.jpg

Coffee Beans

dark chocolat with coffee flavour

6.50 €
Demel Katzenzungen_kaffee_neu_271x271.jpg

Cat's Tongues Dark

Dark chocolate shaped like a cat's tongue

23.50 €

Cat's Tongues Coffee

Dark chocolate with coffee flavour, shaped like a cat's tongue

23.50 €
Katzenzungen Milch.jpg

Cat's Tongues Milk

Milk chocolate shaped like a cat's tongue

23.50 €
Margueriten Bitterverpackt.jpg

Marguerites Dark

Delicate dark chocolate wrapped in silver foil

17.90 €
Margueriten Milch verpackt.jpg

Marguerites Milk

Delicate milk chocolate wrapped in gold foil

17.90 €
Schokokuvert bird view.jpg

Chocolate Envelope

4 different kinds of chocolate, wrapped in colored foil

15.00 €
Demel Trinkschokolade.jpg

Demel’s Hot Chocolate

Bars of dark and milk chocolate

13.70 €
Bruchschokolade Vollmilch Haselnuss.jpg

Broken Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Milk chocolate pieces with roasted hazelnuts

7.50 €
Bruchschokolade Edelbitter Haselnuss.jpg

Broken Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Dark Chocolate pieces with roasted hazelnuts

7.50 €

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