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  • Large Dark Chocolate Heart (filled)

Large Dark Chocolate Heart (filled)

Heart made of dark chocolate, lovely decorated by hand and filled with 100g confectionary.

Storage Life
3 months

200 g

Ingredients & Allergens

cocoa mass (min 63 % cocoa), cocoa butter, DRY MILK POWDER, emulsifier: SOYA LECITHIN, marzipan, ALMOND KERNELS, sugar, natural and artificial aromas and coloring, CREAM (36 % fat), HAZELNUT KERNELS, BUTTER, starch syrup, ground coffee, citric acid, rum (38 vol.%), brandy, Grand Marnier, EGG WHITE, food coloring (E141, E163, E153, E160e, E120, E160a, E150d, E131, E132, E160a), natural resins (E905) in 80% vol. alcohol

Allergens: dry milk powder, soya lecithin, almond kernels, cream, hazelnut kernels, butter, egg white

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