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Custom Orders

Demel cakes are world famous for their beauty, high quality, and individuality. Every day our confectioners create works of art that contribute to so many unforgettable memories.

Whether birthdays, weddings, corporate events or "just-because", our talented confectioners will turn your dreams into magnificent reality. We offer a wide range of sizes, flavours, and styles and are happy to help you select the right cakes & gifts for you.

Wedding Cakes

At Demel we are always thrilled to contribute to someone's special day. Whether small or large, simple or ornamental, our wedding cakes are delicious show-stoppers.

We're looking forward to receiving your inquiry. In order to follow up on your request as quickly as possible please let us know more details about your dream cake or event as well as desired date and the number of people your cake/event will be for.

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