Demel Trunk

Selection of finest nougat confections and coffee candy without alcohol
  • without alcohol
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A choice of finest nougat confections and coffee candy, wrapped in coloured foil. Free of alcohol. The box' design originates from Baron Berzeviczy-Pallavicini, owner of the Demel until 1971

1st layer: 6 brittle sheet
2nd layer: 4 nougat waffle diamond, 4 nougat waffle square, 2 coffee praline, 1 brioni
3rd layer: 4 brioni, 2 nougat waffle diamond, 2 nougat waffle squares, 2 round "D"
4th layer: 4 nougat waffle diamond, 4 nouga twaffle square, 2 coffee praline, 1 brioni

  • Weight: 260g
  • Storage life: 3 months

chocolate (min 38% cocoa), cocoa butter, almonds, sugar, cream (36% fat), dry milk powder, wafers (water, wheat flour, peanut oil, dry milk powder, soya lecithin, powdered eggs, aroma, salt, citric acid), butter, glucose syrup, inverted sugar syrup, orange juice concentrate (11%), acidifyer: citric acid, tumeric extract, natural orange aroma, thickener: modified starch, water, paprika extract, loess coffee 

almonds, cream, powdered milk, wheat flour, skimmed milk
powder, soya lecithin, whole egg powder, butter

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