Potizzenstollen with Poppy Seeds

Strudel speciality made of wafer-thin yeast dough with poppy seed
27.50 €
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Potizenstollen, a speciality among strudles made of wafer-thin layers of yeast dough, filled with delicious poppy seeds.

  • Weight: 500g
  • Storage life: 7 days

wheat flour, milk (3,6% fat), butter, yeast, sugar, eggs, salt, lemon peel, rum (38 vol.%), raw marzipan (almonds), vanilla pods, poppyseed filling (stabilized poppy seeds (56%), corn starch, sweet whey powder, pregelatinised wheat  flour, soy flour, milk fat, spices, aroma (E263), acid regulator), honey, rum (38 vol.%), bread crumbs, cinnamon, vanilla pod

wheat flour, milk, butter, eggs, almonds, sweet whey powder, pregelatinized wheat flour, soy flour, milk fat

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